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More than a Cabin

To allow each camper to experience the joys of living in a small community, every camper attends Saturday night campfire and Sunday Service during his stay at camp, lives in a group with other campers in cabins or yurts. Within their groups, campers are part of community-making decisions and keeping the area clean and participates in meals served family style.

Each session of camp has at least one all-camp activity that encourages the participation of all campers. Examples include Talent Show, Treasure Hunt, Carnival, Nature Scavenger Hunts.

Your child will live in a rustic cabin with six to ten boys the same age, and two counselors. Each cabin is assigned two counselors. Chewonki is thoughtful about its counselor pairings, looking to balance age, Chewonki experience, and life experiences so that each pairing is complementary.

In addition, we make sure there is an appropriate degree of balance within each age group. For example, a 22-year-old counselor who is new to Chewonki may be paired with an 18-year-old counselor who has been at Chewonki since he was 10 and served as a Counselor in Training when he was 17.

Supportive Camp Counselors & Group Leaders

In addition to the cabin counselors, most cabins are paired with a cabin buddy, a member of our non-cabin support staff. Cabin buddies make an extra effort to get to know campers of a particular cabin and often join in special events, such as cabin nights or cookouts.

Cabin counselors receive support from Group Leaders too. Affectionately known as “Papas,” these are the lead counselors for each age group. “Papas”—and occasionally “Mamas,” when the position is held by one of our female staff—bring a wealth of counseling experience to groups and serve as a tremendous resource for all counselors and campers.

The Head Counselor is a veteran Boys Camp leader who works with campers and counselors alike, helping them be the best they can be, and providing guidance to counselors as they navigate the challenges of their job

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