COVID-19 Program Updates

Natural History

With 400 acres of woods, field, marsh and coast, nature study explorations always turn up fascinating plants and animals to examine.

Outdoor Living Skills

Can you use a soaking wet log to create a fire and boil water in under twenty minutes? If so, you might earn the rank of Junior Maine Guide.


Chewonki’s working farm helps grow the food we eat every day! Campers have to opportunity to help and learn about our pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys and our dynamic work-horse team of Bob and Gus.

Challenge Course

Learn about what it takes to work together as a team as you climb through the Chewonki tree-tops.


Ever wonder how you might be connected to the plants and animals we share the earth with? Learn about turtles, snakes, their habitat and ways we can reduce our impact.


Our fully equipped woodshop allows campers to learn basic or intermediate craft skills and create personal projects to take home.


Daily swim periods attract campers to our waterfront for jumps, ducks and dives into the ocean. For the brave, we offer an early morning “Polar Bear” dip before breakfast.


Campers develop the skills needed to travel Maine’s thousands of rivers, lakes, and miles of coastline in a canoe, kayak, or sailboat. Learning to trim a sail, complete a wet exit, or perform a J-stroke are skills that will serve you for a lifetime!

Visual Arts

Campers can drop into a pottery class and learn to throw pots on the wheel, create tiles or dabble in sculpture. In art, campers experience plein air painting, animal portraiture, and other fun projects.


From games of soccer and ultimate frisbee on the Lower Field to tennis matches and pick-up basketball on the courts, campers develop hand-eye coordination and lessons in teamwork.


Learn greater focus and discipline through breathing techniques and mindfulness as you earn various patches for hitting your target from greater distances.

Countdown to Summer